Yesterday, Kerin and I had a skype call to discuss our blog posts so far (see kerinnurseblog). All of our posts seem to agree with each other. We first talked about trends in nursing, as we are both registered nurses. Kerin had two blog posts regarding the need for awareness around the multicultural nature of our patients and the effect of the nursing shortage on patient care. I agreed that in my own job as a community health nurse, I encounter the need for translators and cultural sensitivity daily. Both Kerin and I also see that there is a shortage of nurses and we are constantly being asked to do more with less. My own post regarding the push for less home visits from nurses highlighted this.

We then discussed the our posts about trends in adult education. Kerin’s post was about the trend towards learners collaborating . She saw this in her teaching position as an IV nurse educator and also in the trend of using online courses and technology to bring geographically apart learners together. We thought this worked well with my own post about MOOCs making education more accessible. Kerin expressed concern over online courses being difficult as there is minimal one-on-one interaction. We agreed that in nursing in particular, learning from immersion in the practical with colleagues and face to face learning is crucial. Kerin talked about how her nursing education in South Africa was very different from the training today. We discussed how there is too much emphasis on theory when more practical learning is needed for new nurses.

We also touched on the post about adult learners’ traits. We agreed that our entries were similar.




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